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Paul D. Van Pelt

If, and only if, cooler heads could prevail in the thick of culture wars, philosophy would take care of itself. Thing is, the foundations of culture war are not the produce of cooler heads. They are resultant from all sorts of bigoted, prejudicial attitudes, transformed into those sorts of behaviors. I had not known of H.H. Price, before reading what is posted here. That he and his thinking have been relegated to obscurity seems emblematic of, uh, progress. And a few other aspects of a fragmented world today.


Preachers of the normal sort are only "listened to" because of a perceived (and mysterious) authority they possess. Any philosopher who had a similar philosophical authority would - for Meno-like reasons - not need to preach, because the justification of their position would be apparent. And so we could be moved by that alone (assuming a conscientious spirit). What other authority could they have to be similarly listened to?

The truth of it is that the preachers' target audience is mostly the converted, and it seems that philosophical moral preaching has a similar target.

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