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Why do you say that Stapledon is discussing the Kuiper belt when he specifies'the belt of minute planets, the Asteroids, between Mars and Jupiter'? This is entirely different from the Kuiper belt! The asteroids have been known about for centuries. Speculation that they are the remnants of a planet destroyed by its inhabitants' technology long predates Stapledon's essay. See: https://sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/asteroids

The article you're trying to recall on past technological civilizations may be:



Hi Ken, the answer to your question is 'I am an idiot!' Apologies for wasting your time. However, thank you for your comment and corrections! I am pleased you commented and corrected my error because you drew my attention to the Olbers/Cromie/Heard hypothesis that I will happily read up on.

Paul D. Van Pelt

Well, technology induced extinction risk. TIER. Very good. In wonder if the notion among some thinkers---that we should proactively monitor and control predation, so as to somehow artificially regulate extinction(s), has some relative correlation with this? I thought controlled predation was probably a shaky idea, just because of the complexity involved and the possibility of error. But, I don't know... might we be careful what we wish for?

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