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Marco van Heugten

From a more Spinozian point of view it's impossible to agree with 'there need to be no laws of nature present in the vast empty spaces or darkness among galaxies (that is, the fourth kind of spaces).'

Nature includes all. Universe(s), galaxies, 11 string-dimensions, they're temporarily, modi. All moves within God. Because there can not be a perfect vacuüm of Substance no 'empty spaces' are excluded from God and all the laws of Nature, that would be absurd. There is no grounding in negation. Spinoza has more eternalism. What begins and/or ends isn't God or Nature, or Being, or Will, or Self-Cause. No preference for the theological big bang universe(s) as metaphysical ground with dead in it's eye. Just for Natura Naturans no entropy. Only modi are and always will be too insufficient and dependable to be eternal. As Descartes, Newton is in conflict with his personal god (who for Spinoza is political). The only laws of nature that can be 'extended' are the ones we know of and they can not be the deepest, a priori unmeasarable Laws: self-causality is absolute and permanent, no 'second law' there.

I agree that Newton is likeable in his fantasia, as is Pascal, a very readable existentialist. Have you read the young Kant? Silly cosmology maybe leads to silly grounded ethics. Spinoza didn't read the Spinozism of Leibniz but would disagree: the attributes are not dual but points of view on the same; this can not be parallel. God is the undivisible causa immenens and not transiens, I confirm, 'maybe with all the old philosophers too'.

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