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I agree with much of this, and it seems plausible even that the liberal Represser could support reparations. For, the liberal ideal of treating all others as end in themselves (and not merely as a means) produces BOTH the idea that race-neutral policies (generally) are a good, but also that wrongs should be righted, and that those who have things stolen from them must have them returned. The motivation for reparations then is not the Repenter's guilt or a desire to better oneself, but the liberal's adherence to a sense of justice.

Of course, the Represser can't support just any redistributive policy than might upend historical racial/material hierarchies. Neither will the Repenter support "across the board" reparations that take no account of those who've received historical benefits at the expense of oppressed, minorities. Appropriate policies would have to comport with liberal principles.

The point, though, that I agree with, is that I think it a mistake to characterize both the Repenter and Represser as chiefly, or even essentially, engaged in some mere conceptual tussle.


Sorry, that first use of "Repenter" should have been "Neither will the Represser support . . ."

But, you get the idea.

Paul D. Van Pelt

Granted, mountains crumble and new roads get built. De Jure racism was also built, in its' way and over time. This is, roughly, what is meant by systemic discrimination, and that view of things continues, generationally. There are people now, just as there were in 1868, who just don't want to change. Culture war is a convenient chAracterization and just ambiguous enough to be politically correct---talk about ambiguity. This makes it safer kinder, gentler than generational war. But face it folks, generational attitudes, behaviours and practices do not crumble easily.

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