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Deborah Achtenberg

I note that it is significant that a Jew is pressing for the U.S. to be a Christian country--and not just the U.S. but also the various European countries to which he and his NatCons are connected. Does he even consider the impact of this on U.S. Jews? Or is he aware and just wants them to move to Israel (which will be a Jewish state with Jewish values)? When I hear the NatCons saying "Judeo-Christian" state, I wonder if Hazony truly thinks the "Judeo" part will last.

John Quiggin

It's an indication of desperation that someone who favors Lincoln over Jefferson should infer, now, that this means supporting Republicans. The phrase "party of Lincoln" is now used ironically more than seriously. As regards Jefferson, the Republican divide is between follows of Thomas Jefferson and those of Jefferson Davis.

And someone who wants to talk about honor should line up with a party for whom "elite" is the worst pejorative in the lexicon.

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