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Deborah Achtenberg

Family structure and dominant values or virtues are in good part shaped by the structure of work. Does Hazony consider that ideas of independence are shaped by leaving the home for work?

For your info, the Tikvah/Hazony-influenced folks at Mosaic (magazine) are defending NY Hasidic schools from the charges levied by the NY Times by asking why Hasidic schools are so popular if the secular schools and the two- (not multi-) generation family are to be the model by which Hasidic schools are to be judged. Plus, they refer to Hasidism as post-modern. Hazony's influence is evident in this response.

Deborah Achtenberg

Regarding the recent NatCon conference, Hazony states that a main achievement is the presence of Protestants (including support from a Protestant seminary). He sees Catholics, Protestants and Jews coming together even though they differ as befits the honor and loyalty appropriate to a nation. But when a nation ceases to have separation of religion and state, either (most likely) one religion will be selected and others will be at a disadvantage ( and will not be honored and as a result may not be loyal) or there will be a new religiously based, non-secular state in which what is represented is a vague sort of ethical monotheism (similar to what is present in Alcoholics Anonymous) making this not a traditional state as found in the Bible but something new, dare I say postmodern.

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