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I love it! thanks for loving your teachers Eric.

Odilon Marcenaro

This is lovely to read. I have very fond memories of "Mijnheer Brouwer" - I was one of those reprobates who was an unrequited "alpha" and wanted to do Latin and Greek all the way. I wasn't the most conscientious of students, but Brouwer never gave up on me - he had a wonderful knack of making you feel like you had personally let him down if you delivered sub par performance, but on the other hand he would very vocally applaud an elegant bit of translation.
In year 5 I had a nasty road accident that very nearly killed me, and required a lengthy period of hospitalisation and convalidation right before the second round of "schoolonderzoeken". Brouwer sent me a letter saying that he'd completely understand if I didn't want to continue with Greek, but if I did, well :"Misschien is ook dit te boven te komen!" ("Maybe even this can be overcome"). He then coached me intensively, and was the first to congratulate me when I managed to pass the final exam and actually did very well on the translation exercise.
A fine human and an outstanding teacher, and I regret deeply that I didn't make my appreciation clearer.

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