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Ingrid Robeyns

This is really fascinating, Eric - I can't recall having come across Hobhouse's theory in any contemporary work on distributive justice (but of course I might have overlooked) - whereas T.H. Green is mentioned/discussed by several).

I suppose he is now a candidate for inclusion in volume III of 'ten neglected classics'?

Also, Matthias Kramm and I should have collaborated and co-auhtored with you!

Paul D. Van Pelt

The ether is thin. And while I no longer dismiss metaphysics,out-of-hand, its usefulness is sporadic, at best.The harmonic view mentioned seems yet an extension of its predecessor. Excuse me, but smoke and mirrors is still smoke and mirrors-popular culture changes underwear more often than an aristocratic debutante---if there were any left (doubtful).
Yes,I try to keep an open mind-which is why I have been watching this and other blogs on this platform. One reactionary told me to 'STFU'. Well, it was honest. I'll stick with the thinkers I know. And any new ones who make sense to me. Another reason why I like this venue.

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