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Malvin Jerselius

As a swede I think it’s important to note that the shift in NATO stance comes directly with a switch of ideology and leadership without our generationally incumbent Social Democratic Party. Traditionally it was in its core socialist and we kept our focus on the national welfare and state with hybrid capitalistic elements. In a sort of way a less extreme version of Chinas current economical state. They blocked any discussion whatsoever regarding NATO membership even though the right wing liberal opposition has been trying to get it on the table for years.
However since the end of the Cold War the party has gradually, but ever so slowly, shifted from socialism to pure outright neo-liberalism. The new prime minister and leader of social democrats is perhaps its most shining example. She has worked with finance all her life and her educational background lies therein. Not a very traditional socialist leader in our terms to put it mildly. For some swedes this sudden stance on NATO is just the final face reveal of our political establishment is now in fact a more globalist Americana-liberal minded clique than anything else. The only two parties that are opposed are the actual left wing party as well as the greens.

Cheers for a great read

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