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the only time one hears about personalized healthcare that isn't targeted at the very wealthy is when someone is hyping genetic engineering. I went to see a physical therapist once because I had fallen 3 times that year due to inner-ear problems and when she finished her testing routine she told me I was in no danger of falling...
peace in the coming year, dirk

Barbara WimsTt

Eric, just read this for the first time. I have been off of Facebook for a while hoping fruitlessly to get more done. Not happening. upsetting to hear that your problems were continuing. Hope things are better since then. Remember that the covid shutdown of so much that is normal is probably also adding to your problems, just as many of us are also having psychological and sometimes physical problems from that context. Exercize does help me.

Ask your therapist if she could just listen to you rather than giving you unwanted advice, or maybe look for a different kind of therapist.

Best hopes for things to keep improving ❤️Barb and Bill

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