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Barbara Wimsatt

So terrible what is happening to you Eric. I still see you on the upward slope butI see how hard it is with so much sliding down.

Funny coincidence: I have a paper in the Scaffolding book on cognitive scaffolding. I think you are getting scaffolding from many different quarters.🤞🏽Hoping it is working🙏💕 Barb

Hope you are going to p ublish your meditations!


Dear Professor Eric
I have read and reread your diaries carefully, first because today I taught my students Adam Smith and I did not forget to mention you as a reference and find that one of the students prepared 1 very good report on your work .. I read with sadness yes... what is happening with you, a beautiful mind so sensitive suffering, I who used to read you because philosophy is first a writing of revelation, and I like with this style of writing between the theoretical and the artistic rebellious by reflection, I like your texts ... And this hurt me to know you suffering and that this cursed disease persists after its departure with its symptoms .. I know what are chronic migraines, stress, weakness, abdominal pain, I have just experienced them these days after 1 virulent virus of flu, I stopped consuming sugar it made me feel so good, my body regenerates, I liked listening to my body, I eat organic .. I have suffered from fatigue and the doctors believed that I have 1 chronic fatigue and yet I know that I am strong, at least my soul is strong, I began to take care of a very gentle elderly woman, massages with essential oils as grandmother did to me, and even for my temples, my head, my hair, very strong scents of roses by this desert sun, oregano, rosemary, lavender which I first smell as an infusion or perfume and again these gentle massages become healing rites with slightly warm oil and magic prayers in my ears. . I also take hammams with massages and I feel better .. If only I could send you 1 little well being, hope you can see if massages or perfumes are allowed and if they can be beneficial for youl, I know that it is not easy and that what works for me is not the cure for everyone. I want just to say this: be patient with your body .. You will find the strength again, it is in you in every bit. Take good care of yourself .. I send you a lot of love and scent of cinnamon..


"Professional philosophy involves cognitive skills that are extremely rarified and requires the co-participation and co-constitution (Catarina is surely right about this) of our interlocuters" indeed, just part of why I think that analytic philosophers (and other fellow travelers in cog-sci and elsewhere)
are wrong when they project this style of abstracted/artificial reasoning back into non-conscious bodily functions. Yes enactivists ae working out many aspects of our animal-faiths.

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