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sorry to hear yer going thru this, I'm somewhere on the fibromyalgia-lupus inflammation spectrum and have the symptoms (minus the organ damage) of COVID long-haulers including the ones you describe here and it's hard to explain to folks how disorienting it is, not just the feeling/being off balance but being off in general and how one is nearly constantly aware/signaled that something is wrong.
Hope you are spared this way of life in the long run.
peace, dirk

Barbara Wimsatt

Wow! Eric so hard to believe. Bill and I were so sorry about it. Fervent hopes for you to soon return
High energy self, love from Barb and Bill

Dave Hilbert

Oh no! I'm so sorry Eric and I hope your symptoms improve soon. I can sympathize with vertigo since it's a problem I've had off and on my whole life and it's a side effect of my current migraine medication. The seas I'm rocking on are pretty gentle so I'm able to ignore it for the most part but it's always there. As with my, usually headache free, migraines the vertigo does present some interesting introspective data to think about. As a philosopher I appreciate the fracturing of the normal coherence of different sensory systems. But I'm running the risk of not appearing sympathetic so I'll just repeat that I'm very sorry that this has happened to you but glad to see in your reflections that you are able, some of the time at least, to use the experience for reflection.

Annette Freyberg-Inan

Vertigo is indeed debilitating. I am sorry covid cought you by that leg. I guess cold symptoms would have been a much better alternative. But you will be perfectly fine again soon, I am sure!


Eric, I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well. I do hope you get over this hump soon. Also, perhaps ‘niet lezen is denken met talloze hoofden’, and therefore not entirely without value or interest? Knuffel, also for Les and A.


I'm so sorry to hear about this. I am hoping for a full a recovery and soon. But if it takes time, I am hoping that you know you have a community of people who care about you and know that your mind and creativity will find ways to feed and nurture itself -- and we're here to help.


Hope you get well soon! I can relate to the lack of cuddles/touching. I am not sick, but living alone and being out of any bubble means you don't get to touch any skin. Already out of that since 27th of January. Slow torture it is.

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