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David Duffy

"pidgins" - I think this is an unnecessarily pessimistic picture. Consider, say, the contents of the current issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology
It covers causal inference, statistical methods, COVID-19, toxicology, school policy and physical and mental health, cognitive psychology, biology of chronic renal disease etc etc. An epidemiologist will be expected to have some real familiarity with all these topics, even if they specialize in particular areas. I don't think of these are all "easy" topics.

George Gale

Nice pieces, both Kim and Eric. One thing that has to be reckened for, at least in the US. There is no coup counted, there is no glory, in what is loosely called "inter-disciplinary work." For example, my work that was published in physics journals was for years not counted. I think this prejudice lingers in departments, particularly very conservative philosophy departments, and must be reckoned with.

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