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David Duffy

It would be natural for Mr Turkish Spy to speak of the West, ISTM, just as other easterners like Russians would. My just-so story would be that Western philosophy up to a cutoff is that which was written in or translated into Latin (eg Plato via Ficino).

Roeth histoire de notre philosophie occidentale Manheim 1846

gets a mention in A Franck (1875) Dictionnaire des sciences philosophiques (Google Books). Roeth's subtitle seems to be
"les Doctrines Egyptiens et de Zoroastre consideree comme les sources de nos idee speculatives".

David Duffy

Claude Joseph Tissot's (1840) Histoire abrégée de la philosophie starts with Ancient Philosophy: "philosophie orientale" (pp 23-90), followed by "philosophie occidentale, ou greco-romaine et greco-orientale" (pp 91-176). He has over 200 pages on contemporary German philosophy.

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