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Steve Davies

Thanks Eric. I fear that British (or English and Welsh) politics is damned no matter what happens now. If Brexit is delayed or the increasingly hard line 35% of voters see it as being diluted then a radical populist politics will undoubtedly take shape. On the other hand as you say if there is a nodal Brexit then it will animate the government and we will almost certainly see its current riders devoured by the tiger. It may be the EU can contain this but I am doubtful of that as well I'm afraid - the list of countries you give is getting longer (although Spain and Austria shows signs of movement in a hopeful direction). In terms of viewing all of this from a historian's perspective it's a classic case of structural factors interacting with the personal and contingent in ways that have made the outcome of structural transformation much worse than it need be (the chapter of contingent events that led to Theresa May becoming PM when she was temperamentally the worst possible person for what was needed being one of the biggest).

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