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 Mark Lance

aren”t there quite a few who don”t fit the “professional politician with well-honedskills” model?
Beto, deblasio, and Pete have very little political experience. As I recall, a couple of the bland white guys are rich non-politicians. Bernie is an experienced politician, but presents as anything but polished. He has the rhetorical style of a demagogue without the lying.

But i mostly disagree that they need tocopy the republicans to win, or that they should. You point to the factors that actually lost last time. Warren, say, would have won. This time what matters is turnout of people who normally don’t vote. There are no undecided voters. That calls for exciting new ideas - an array of single plans that will get people off the couch. This is the best chance we will ever have to elect a real progressive

Eric Schliesser

Hi Mark,
I am not claiming Democrats need to copy Republicans to win. I am claiming (i) they have copied Republicans halfheartedly; (ii) I don't see evidence they have thought through how to beat a demagogue.
Beto O' Rourke "represented Texas's 16th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 2013 to 2019."
De Blasio has held elected office since 2001.
Pete Buttigieg since 2011.
I agree their profile deviates from the senator/governor type we have seen in the past. But they are professional politicians.
I agree Bernie Sanders appeals to a certain species of authenticity. (I think he did not run the kind of campaign in 2016 that showed he thought he could win; that has clearly changed.) In Europe we have seen Corbyn get close to victory with such an appeal. So, I am not belittling it.
Getting people to vote who normally don't vote is the holy grail of American politics. It would be interesting even heartening if that could be achieved with an array of plans.


If the Democrats were savvy, which they're not, they'd say something like: all our candidates are great and will beat and make a better President than Trump, and even though our party is diverse, that is our core strength and we have core values that we all agree upon and that separate us from our opponents.
Trump is an unconventional weapon but if you call him out he is easy to defuse. He is con man used to having his own way, show him for the circus geek he actually is
Use group psychology such as Bion or sociology like Goffman
Use science to actually do something prodductive

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