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Christia Mercer

Thanks to Eric for summarizing main issues in my paper well, raising good points of discussion, and especially for praising the paper's attempt to accommodate salience and historical accuracy.

To clarify or respond to a couple of points:

I do give a shout out to Skinner, but I was somewhat motivated to do that by my ecumenical approach. I hoped to avoid the mistakes he made and of course I could engage in the success of contextualism in a way he could not. And although I do speak of figures and texts, I intended to make it clear that it is the complexities of ideas and conversations to which we need to be the most attentive. I wanted to suggest that getting the context right cannot be restricted to studying figures and always requires thinking about movements and debates. And I'm not interested in intentions. I purposely avoid that term. Getting things right has more to do with correctly describing how a problem was variously solved or properly identifying the ebbs and flows of conversations. And although I disagree with some of the recommendations made by Mogens Laerke's and Koen Vermeir's articles in the helpful edition of papers collected by Eric and others, I had hoped to accommodate some of their complaints about Skinner in my new, improved version of what it means to get things right.

In the end, this is exactly the sort of conversation I had hoped that the paper would generate. So, again, thanks, Eric!!

George Gale

Reading Eric's final paragraph, I seem to hear loud protests, genuinely well-founded, from Dilthey, Collingwood, and their ilk. And I'm sensitive to their protests, I must say.

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