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David Duffy

Since I had been reading them recently, the Leveller argument (especially Walwyn's) against Cromwell "relieving" Ireland was to "[exhibit] arguments and reasons in justification of that bloody rebellion, and in puzzling the judgments and Consciences of those that otherways would promote that happy work, arguing that the cause of the Irish Natives in seeking their just freedoms, immunities and liberties, was the very same with our cause here, in endeavouring our own rescue and freedom from the power of oppressors."

More generally, Lilburne [1646]: "Reason tells me, I ought not to have a law imposed upon me, without my consent; the doing of which is meerly tyrannicall, Antichristian, and Diabolicall, Rom. 13. Yea Reason tells me in this that no Soveraignty can justly be exercised, nor no Law rightfully imposed, but what is given by common consent, in which, every individuall is included"

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