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Ruth Groff

Thanks, Eric! I commented on the fb version.

Brandon Towl

One quick note: You have two H's and G's in this post's list. :)

Other than that, I will say that I agree with every point, save maybe for second-G ("Philosophy is a waste of time because there are no decisive answers to our questions.")

Williams and I were some years apart, but I think our experiences and ultimate decision are largely the same... More people are paying attention to the slamming doors, but I fear that the sea-changes needed will come too late to do anything about the impending fire, to use your imagery.

Eric Schliesser

Thanks for catching that Brandon. I corrected (in order to avoid misunderstanding).

Graham White

Although I think that all of this is true, I think there's another side: I find that, if I hang out with politicos a lot, that a lot of their argumentation could do with better analytical skills. There are a lot of false binaries in the political world (either you're an X or you're a Y, and your choice of X or Y determines, in some underexamined way, your choices on a lot of other things). Maybe philosophy could play a more therapeutic role in the political process (therapeutic in the Socratic sense), and maybe the frustration that a lot of philosophers feel is because of unrealistic expectations about how to be a politically engaged philosopher.
That being said, I think also that the present institutional setup of academia, and especially for the critical humanities, is just vile. I think people should go on strike more. And, of course, if there's a revolution, and barricades and stuff, and if you're on the side of the revolution, then you should just get out there. But all of these things are things you do as a person, rather than as an academic (if academia happens to be your workplace, then you're doing it qua worker and not qua philosopher).

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