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Neil McArthur

I was just reading an old review of Posner's book on sex and the law by Robin West and highlighted this passage. She is talking about Posner's comparison of our sexual desires to our preferences for flavours of ice cream, taking them as a given that require no further interrogation. "Posner's ice-cream eating metaphor glorifies consensual hedonistic sex: it implicitly characterizes our sexual choices as unproblematic and free, as expressive of our individual and individuating psyches, and as somehow untouched by the unjust social and sexual hierarchies within which those choices are made. But Posner's metaphor also trivializes consensual sex. We do not "know" our sexuality or our sexual preferences with anything like the clarity with which we know our tastes in ice cream. In fact, for many, if not all of us, our own "sexual preferences" are utterly mysterious in a way that our ice cream preferences simply are not; this mystery heightens rather than diminishes as we learn more about human sexuality."

Eric Schliesser

Nice passage! (Although I think her 'utterly mysterious' may be put a bit too strong for many, too).

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