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James Dennis

A nice account, and I'm totally sympathetic to your perspective, but since I'm unfamiliar with the terminology may I ask you to clarify what you mean by "gendered acts of exclusion", and to give us one or two examples? I feel I need to know this in order to have a fuller understanding of the relevance of the philosophical issues you're talking about for the "resurgent national democratic politics".

I'm interested because I think that we are becoming increasingly aware that principles of equality and inclusion, explicit descriptions of which would be the goal of an open-ended inquiry, would be axiomatic in any system of ethical principles, including those that govern the development of political institutions. So "gendered acts of exclusion" sounds like something that would violate these principles and should now be regarded as unacceptable.

Eric Schliesser

James, for the examples, read Eileen's work--that was the point of the obituary: to send you to the library! Gendered acts of exclusion is shorthand for advancing the interests of men at the expense of women.
What is regarded as unacceptable seems to depend a lot in what circles you travel.

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