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Michael S. Kochin

Two points you need to think about:
1. The (temporarily Non-orthodox) majority of American Jewry has voted with its feet, to leave Judaism and the Jewish people.

Meanwhile, Orthodox Jews seems to have broken about 70-30 for Trump. Today's American Jews have their interests, or rather, their passions. Tomorrow's American Jews (majority Orthodox, if present trends continue) will have very different ones.

2. The Palestinians have a veto over the peace process, which is to say over whether Israel ceases to be at war with them. Whatever is up to Israel, that is up to them. As soon as they want a state alongside Israel living in peace with Israel, they will have one. They have never wanted that, and do not want that today.

Eric Schliesser

Thank you for your comments, Michael.
On 1. We so differ on how to interpret these data, that I offer no comment here. But I promise to think about it because it is highly relevant for the future of Zionism. On 2. i believe that both Israel and Palestinians have a veto over the peace process and that the forces that wish for these vetoes to be exercised have been in ascendancy for a long time (and often in implicit alliance with each other). But I think suggestions that 'if only palestinians want X they will get X' are unrooted from reality. At minimum we should ask what Israel can do to incentivize and strengthen the forces of peace and civil society on the Palestinian side.


You rightly identify the toxicity of Trump at home and around the world.
Though he chooses weak spots to seed chaos, like a practiced psychopath that he is, the solution is for all the nations of the UN (that is the world) to make a statement condemning Donald Trump as he is the biggest threat to world peace.
The nations must quarantine this fellow rather than try to game him and react to him and play into his hands.
In America we need a leader for the opposition. The UN is the place to fight and resist him. The League of Nations did something but not enough to bring down Hitler, we need to do something and any action will be enough because of the fragility of his titanic ego.
Can't my idea be implemented? I'm only half joking
Isolate Trump and start by condemnation.
Make he and his supporters pay a steep price

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