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As someone with a long-standing interest in Russian philosophy (see, for a not especially deep and pretty old overview, this: https://www.academia.edu/1757103/Philosophy_in_Russia ) I can say that there are not many things that are properly "philosophical classics" in Russian that are not available in English or other languages. (You have to take a modestly, but not unreasonably, wide, reading of "philosophical" to get many classics in Russian at all, for various reasons, even if we're thinking of ones available in other languages.) Now, this doesn't mean that there's not a lot of philosophically interesting work in Russian traditions - there is - but the pay-off to work ratio for most people, unless they have some special interest in the topic, or some historically interesting problems, is such that I'd think it unreasonable to criticize anyone for spending time on projects that are of more interest to them.

Jonathan Surovell

Where did Carnap say that other traditions are irrelevant? In his intellectual autobiography he is dismissive of medieval and modern European arguments for the existence of God. But I read that as him having read the stuff and been unimpressed (rightly or wrongly). That's prima facie different than being uninterested in hidden knowledge or culturally distant work per se.

Eric Schliesser

Jonathan, in the passage you remember, he is attacking what he calls "historical neutralism"--the engagement with the earlier existence of God arguments are an example of that.

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