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Jordan Rodgers

I'm in agreement with basically all of this, but just want to underscore that there's another reason for saying "work on problems that really interest you" rather than "follow your passion." You note one -- that "problems" is plural while "passion" is singular. But the other is that talking about "finding your passion" suggests that there is something already out there, waiting to be found, and that your feeling rootless at the moment is a sign that you haven't found it yet. But my sense is that hitting on a good research program doesn't actually feel much like having finally *found* something, such that you have quieted that rootlessness worry.

Suggesting that someone work on problems that interest them might mean to advise against working on hot topics just because they're hot, but it might also be meant to advise against putting off doing work until you're sure that what you're pursuing is your "passion."

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