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Adrian Blau

I'll send you a copy of my edited book "Methods in Analytical Political Theory" - thanks for the mention. One distinction I touch on there is between method and methodology ("the logic of inference"). The latter needs more emphasis: how do you justify your claims in the face of actual or possible objections? Your approach here is your methodology. Think of different ways of doing this, and better/worse ways of doing it, in your own work and in others', and bang: you can teach methodology.

Eric Schliesser

I look forward to the copy! Yes, I kind of get at your distinction, when I note "it is a bit odd that if Cohen thinks philosophical method is about argument that (a) it was not taught and (b) that it would be all that difficult to teach. (That's compatible with few getting good at it.)" And you are right to think that means of inference and justification are teachable. (To what degree they can be decoupled from method is a tricky issues and to what degree the logic of inference is free from substantive commitments, too--and gets handled badly by non experts and often wished away by experts.)

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