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Justin Caouette

Nice post! I don't get asked as often as you but I do have some folks asking here and there so I'm glad you jotted this down as I will be sure to send them this way if I get asked in the future.

Im curious though about what you say regarding frequency, Eric. What do you see as a minimum amount of posts to keep the audience checking (when starting the blog)? Once every other week or so? I tend to suggest that they blog less and schedule them to come out later (assuming they are not time sensitive topics of course). This way they don't feel pressured to keep blogging and blogging becomes less of a chore that way. Most of my suggestions are aimed at preventing 'blogger burnout' as that was something I struggled with when I started way back in 2012.

Eric Schliesser

First, if blogging becomes a chore, I don't get why would one continue doing it. Universities don't reward it and our peers rarely respect it.
Second, with regard to your to question. I used to think one would have to do about two posts a week, but I think one could probably do on every two weeks as long as these are distinctive and interesting. (One can use academic holidays to blog less or take blog breaks; people really seem to check them less then.)

Justin Caouette

Re: why one might continue to blog even if it sometimes feels like a chore.

Maybe one continues doing it because more often than not it doesn't feel like a chore but if one wants to have an active blog they may need to post when they sometimes do not want to? I find that people are eager at first but it falters later and when in the later stage it may be better to get through a post here and there (seen as a chore) rather than close up shop. It will all depend on why one is blogging in the first place, of course.

Eric Schliesser

Fair enough. Some blogs are really a species of public service, and so I can see the argument.

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