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Michael Mirer

"Moreover, such a dynamic will facilitate the transformation of Pax Americana into a security state in which family based crony capitalism rules. This will be a world of high profits for those with the right sort of connections (that's a world that already exists in China, Russia, etc.). "

It seems fair to say that this is the world the president already lives in, which makes his apparent fondness for such states more understandable. But I'm curious, how far off is American capitalism from the sort of crony capitalism you describe? The Trumps and Kushners are not, sadly, new phenomena, and perhaps the real estate world is different than others, but I'd be curious to see how much truth there is in that.

David Duffy

"a truly talented and well-funded group of Republican politicians": is there anything he has done that any other member of this pool would not have done?

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