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David Duffy

The recent article in Politico on the role of Alexandre Kojève in the creation of the EU pointed me to eg Tsao [2004]

"Arendt also knew Alexandre Kojève, and had apparently attended some of his famously influential seminars on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit."

Eric Schliesser

Thank you for that. I did not realize this before.

Charles Wolfe

what's the basis for claiming Arendt attended some of AK's seminars? If true, I'd like to see a basis for it. I'm not a scholar of either although I was interested in both (esp. Kojève) during some part of my studies. Thanks.

David Duffy

Roy cites Young-Bruehl's 1982 biography of Arendt for this. He also notes that the Concluding Remarks of the first edition of The Origins of Totalitarianism regarding "no end of history"..."is surely an allusion to Alexandre Kojeve's famous use of the phrase".

Roy T. Tsao. Arendt and the Modern State: Variations on Hegel in The Origins of Totalitarianism. The Review of Politics (2004) 66(1):105-138

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