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David Duffy

Some of this seems a bit odd. So Diamond, Gould, Pinker, Wilson, and Dawkins should have published each chapter separately first? And as mentioned en passant over at Daily Nous, what legitimate response does one have to hecklers that no-one present actually wants to hear?

Eric Schliesser

As is clear from mjmy post I do not endorse the idea that one should publish work in academic journals first. That would impoverish democratic debate (and would disallow my kind of blogging)! But we should also not be too sanguine about the effect of pseudo-science on the public. There are no easy solutions here.
Heckling is part of political life (or do you prefer no protests at all?), but it is also -- as I suggest in my post -- perfectly legitimate to remove hecklers or keep them out of various university spaces.

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