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Aaron Lercher

One would think there's at least some relevance of the value of truth in at least some political discourse. The freedom to lie or to tell stories (outside of explicitly truth-seeking institutions like courts or universities) is worth protecting. But does it permit a political official to lie in every statement he makes, even this delights his supporters? I don't know.

Perhaps the point of your post is the ineffectiveness of some political rhetoric that is based narrowly on assertions of fact or explanation. Then I completely agree! Merely saying Trump is lying is not useful unless it directs attention to Republican policy-making.

Yet on a more basic level, when one is about to be hit, one wants to know what direction the blow is coming from, even if saying so is not good rhetoric.

Some Americans are interested in the facts who is going to lose the protection of their health insurance. Others are interested in whether they are going to be jailed and deported.

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