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Jason Brennan

1. Would be good not to conflate technocracy and epistocracy. ("Epistemocracy" might be a better term, but Estlund coined it and that's what we've got.)

2. A lot of speculation about "what I fail to realize" but no evidence. I've read the same things you have making such claims, and they are also speculative and without much evidence.

David Carroll Jacobs

The "good news" is that the privileges of the credentialed elite can be rescinded easily. A federal UnAmerican Activities Committee can undermine tenure and state action can cut pensions. It depends upon the courage of opposition politicians and our willingness to assemble in the streets.

Eric Schliesser

1. In some contexts it's okay to conflate technocracy and epistocracy.
2. There is plenty of cross-country evidence on the increased presence of credentialed folk in legislatures, government/independent agencies (during the last century).

Eric Schliesser

I fear the 'good news' may arrive earlier than later.

David Carroll Jacobs

Not to mention the role of the Senate. Whether directly elected or not, the Senate in popular mythology or by design is meant to be an organ of aristocracy, a cosmopolitan and internationalist, experienced elite. The power of the individual Senator to hold a nomination or legislation gives him or her an opportunity to act on superior knowledge. However, following the same pattern that Rosa Luxembourg and Roberto Michels warned about, desired elite structures metamorphose into oligarchy or tyranny,

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