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So David Cameron is the worst prime minister since Chamberlin, at least. The unforced nature of this referendum is a lot of what's so galling. But the other part of Cameron's legacy is that nearly his first act as PM was to impose austerity measures that put the UK back into the recession it had only just climbed out of.

So the working class people who voted to leave were primed and ready to hear whatever racist claptrap UKIP was peddling, because their lives have gotten worse over the last n years. A lot of that is not really Brussels' fault, either. It's crappy leadership at home; as you imply, a good part of the problem is the neoliberal refusal to admit the existence of a common good, much less act to create one. I mean, after all, the last time the EU was all over the news it was about Germany sticking it to the Greek people with round after round of austerity that won't even fix Greek finances.

Oh, and of course Cameron may also be remembered as the prime minister who destroyed the UK: I would be very surprised if Scotland and probably Northern Ireland didn't seriously consider demanding referenda on leaving the UK and rejoining Europe.

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