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John Protevi

Thank you for this tribute to a wonderful person, Eric. My sincere condolences.


Thank You Eric..

Matteo Blas

Nice photos and story ... Thanks ... I don't remember you Eric but my mother Laura says that when we were kids we used to play together in Mimosa...


thanks for this priceless information.I will share at http://cae.uonbi.ac.ke

yvonne scholten

please contact me - I am project manager of spanjestrijders.nl ... and I never heard about Lini Bunjes


We used to spend our hollidays in hotel mimosa from aprox. Year 1975 untill 1985 with our 2 childeren and i can remember very well Leonardo who took care for the barbecue and a lot of other work and of course taking care for luggage and bringing to the coast.
Her son Leonardo became very ill in that time and past away during our stay in Sestri.
We have still very good friends from that time and a lot of good memories.

Uta aus Hamburg

Wir erinnern uns mit Liebe an sie und Sohn Antonio. Es waren unsere schönsten Urlaube.

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