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I stayed in the same room with Lopez Aguilar in June 2010, AFTER her graduation.
As she confirmed, this was at her request. I had asked another female student meeting us in Santiago to book a room for her in a somewhat less expensive hotel near mine (which was provided by my hosts). On the way in from the airport, she said that, given crime rate in her native Honduras, she was scared to stay alone in a Latin American country.
Our relationship that week was friendly and formal with her still addressing me with title and last name. We switched to first name after our return.

As can clearly be established from time stamps, the idea of me staying with her and her boyfriend in Washington was hers. She invited me to do so through skype. I accepted and stayed with them once, not with her alone.

Heidi Howkins Lockwood

Thomas, fwiw, aside from the fact that you seem to be contradicting or at least expanding on what you said in the Yale hearings, this sort of defense suggests that you are completely missing the point. The allegations stretch back decades. (Have you seen Delia's remark at Leiter?) To publish Fernanda's emails was also a morally egregious and strategically misguided move. As one recent comment at Daily Nous points out, you come "across as completely in the wrong, as well as utterly uncooperative, uncharitable, and hostile. She comes across as having done nothing wrong, and acting in good faith throughout. She repeatedly tries to communicate in good faith, and [you return] nothing but hostility."

As I'm sure you're aware, there is a Students Against Pogge Facebook group that formed over the weekend, with almost 200 members. They're planning boycotts of your classes, and protests if you continue to teach.

Perhaps it's time to reconsider the options.


Thomas, could you clarify the situation at Columbia? As I understand it, you acknowledged in a letter to a close circle of your post docs etc. in 2014 that you did indeed faced disciplinary measures there for sexually harassing a student in your department. The Buzzfeed article says you were barred from even entering the building when she was there. And you were then moved over to Political Science. And yet later you told Yale that the allegations were false? Is this so? Were Yale administrators prevented from learning the actual verdict - and disciplinary measures - because of the non-disclosure agreement?

While I have your ear, do you care to respond to Delia Graff Farra's revelation? Does she, too, have something to gain here? (full professor at Princeton, in a totally different sub field than you)

Alec Stone Sweet

One wonders why Pogge chose to post the emails between himself and Ms. Lopez Aguilar, given that they appear to undermine his claims. The emails are appended to the defense here: https://feministphilosophers.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/response-to-the-allegations-by-fernanda-lopez-aguilar-1svhhr1.pdf

Leaving aside the ethics of posting these emails (!), they reveal an extraordinarily poised woman trying to regain civility, and her own footing, in the face of passive aggressive hostility.


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