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Michael Kremer

Great rant. Note that in #8 I think you mean "maximum" not "minimum."

Also I think you are being a bit unfair to Mind of years past -- "over a century" is just wrong. Take a look at the table of contents of Mind for Oct 1939 -- just picking at random: 4 articles, one is on "Hume's Account of Sensitive Belief" and one is on "Kant and Greek Ethics (II)." I think it isn't until much later that Mind becomes as narrow as you portray it as being.

Schliesser, Eric

Good point about Mind. Should I have said, half a century?

I am debating if I should change minimum to maximum!:)

Michael Kremer

Oh, I see, you meant "minimum acceptable." (Otherwise I suppose you would mean zero.) I just thought it was a typo!

Michael Kremer

As for Mind, I think 50 years is safe -- but I haven't carefully investigated, you might even be able to back further. Not over 100, though.


"until very recently, the vast majority of contemporary political philosophers were largely clueless about demographics, political economy, education, or military affairs--it didn't matter, they thought."
This is why I turned down Goldfarb's offer of admission to the graduate program in Philosophy at Harvard to study political science. Of course, if I had read any Cavell (not that he knew any of these things) then everything would have been different.

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