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Neil Delaney

At the risk of being laughed at Soames might have mentioned excellent recent work that has been done in the philosophy of love, a topic that has been and continues to be of great importance to nearly everyone at the end of the day. Frankfurt, Robert Solomon, Velleman, Nussbaum, and many others have made signal contributions to our understanding of the nature and promises of love (and friendship while I'm at it).


Thanks for this! I found your last paragraph especially convincing.

And in the spirit of that last paragraph: when Soames says "Locke and Hume responded to Newton not with envy and a sense of inferiority" -- I immediately thought of Locke's "tis ambition enough to be employed as an under-laborer in clearing ground a little,and removing some of the rubbish that lies in
the way of knowledge."

Perhaps you think Locke is merely being polite, but it's possible that he really does have some 'sense of inferiority.' I.e., he thinks work like his _Essay_ is under-labor to something like Newton's _Principia_.

Schliesser, Eric

Thank you, Greg. Mary Domski has a nice treatment of that passage (and Locke's attitude toward Newton) in Janiak/Schliesser (eds.) Interpreting Newton (Cambridge): https://books.google.nl/books?id=r5IskjtmGJoC&lpg=PA9&ots=cfb7Gcq_Bf&dq=mary%20domski%20underlabourer&hl=nl&pg=PA48#v=onepage&q=mary%20domski%20underlabourer&f=false

George Gale

The Domski is quite interesting--unfortunately it's full of google gaps, making any complete reading impossible. :(

Schliesser, Eric

George, this is an excellent excuse to buy or borrow the book!:)

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