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David Duffy

Sympathy also implies, I think, mutual and recursive knowledge: I believe that my sympathies to you are apparent to you (or would be apparent if we directly interacted).

Schliesser, Eric

David, that's a nice point. But I don't think it is a necessary component of sympathy for two reasons: (i) sympathy need not occur only among humans, but can also occur among non-knowing agents; (ii) you describe really the result of a sympathetic process, but during the mutual modulation your sympathy is not yet apparent to me, and I am concerned, as it were, that my sympathy is not fully apparent to you.

David Duffy

That might be true of powder of sympathy type sympathy, but less so of that which underlies democratic government for Anderson. My expectation that your treatment of me will reflect the "interests of all equally" requires me to believe you are indeed simpatico.

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