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David Sobel

I have not been following the general discussion on this topic but I disagree with your reading of the APA statement. The statement targets esp. "bullying and harassment that target a person’s race, gender, class, sexual orientation or other status". It goes on to say that such action undermine civil discourse and has no place in the profession. It does not imply, as I read it, that it condemns all uncivil discourse.

Mark lance

I agree with your worries here, but disagree about the statement. You say it is looks like either symbolic politics or criticizing views it doesnt like. is the latter not trivial? In any event, i take it to quite obviously be symbolic. The apa has no hierarchical authority and is not organizing. It is putting out a symbolic call. But so what? There should be more, but symbols matter.

You say there is a danger of hypocritical misapplocation. Sure. So is there with any principle however formulated.

And you point to previous failures of the apa. I largely agree but dont see how that makes this an unhelpful intervetion. Far from perfect institution, but the professional organization of philosophers calling on folks to not be racist, sexist, etc dicks is a good thing.

Eric Schliesser

Mark, if you agree with my worries (about civility/civil disagreement), then I do not see what's left of the APA's statement. In effect, the statement would be a good thing if it were not so badly worded.
On the other stuff, I guess we disagree a bit.

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