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Hilde Lindemann

Nope. Bullying is always a bad thing, because it involves the strong picking on the weak. And the string picking on the strong isn't much better--it's a form of nastiness that has no place among decent people. The APA is quite right to protest this sort of behavior, and to call on its members to cut it out. Trolls can go gnaw on their shin bones elsewhere.

Eric Schliesser

Yes, bullying is bad. (I don't deny that.) But it's not clear that the anonymous commentators are the strong, and the APA is not the sort of organization that ought to settle that.

Kathryn Pogin

Eric, can you say more about why you think it matters if the anonymous commentators are the strong? It seems like what's relevant for the purposes of determining whether or not it's bullying is that to engage in sustained, personal, and sometimes egregiously vicious, attacks from a position of anonymity online thereby places the target in a position of relative vulnerability.

Schliesser, Eric

Yes, the weak can (try to) bully, too, Kathryn, and if they succeed it is very bad. I am not here denying that anonymous bullying takes place in the blogosphere.

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