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Joseph Schear

Would you characterise your defensive style on the court as Straussian? By "Lewis-style metaphysics" did you mean "Lewish-style metaphysics", referring to the great Harry Lewish?


Straussians place an emphasis on Francis Bacon? He's not really in the Straussian canon...

And surely Bacon is only mentioned with derision by Straussians, all that domination of nature stuff.

Remy Davies

For Strauss's own definition of the distinction between political theory and political philosophy his lecture "What Can We Learn From Political Theory?" is available online at the Archive website.

"I have some misgivings as regards these two connotations of the term
theory, which are, to repeat, (1) the implication that a purely theoretical dis-
cussion of political questions is possible, and (2) the view that political knowl-
edge as a whole consists of observation of "data" and hypothetical
explanation of these "data"; I prefer therefore the term political philosophy
which does not imply these assumptions. By political philosophy, we under-
stand the coherent reflection carried on by politically minded people, con-
cerning the essentials of political life as such, and the attempt to establish,
on the basis of such reflection, the right standards of judgment concerning
political institutions and actions; political philosophy is the attempt to dis-
cover the political truth."

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