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Alexis Galán

While I share the spirit of your text, I have a couple of qualifying comments.

1) In relation with the fact that Juncker's position is not persuasive because legally there are no reasons to oppose the entrance of a state to the EU. I think here the point is not what the law says. This is a political question, that the law says something does not mean much, especially if for the acceptance of a new member state it requires the acceptance of all current member states. I think it is a mistake to argue that because the law says something it will mean much. If Catalonia secedes from Spain, and Spain remains as a legal entity within the EU, then Catalonia is out and Spain could veto as long as it want the entrance of Catalonia. That Catalonia fulfill x requirements will not convince much Spain.

2) This connects me with your argument about Juncker's comment going against the spirit of the Treaty of Rome. Again, it seems to me that you are putting a lot of weight into, in my view, empty proclamations. This is like the UN's principles and values, and which has not done much for stopping certain wars, or even genocides. This is not so much that you are wrong about the spirit of the treaty, which you are not, rather to point out that to say that it goes against the spirit does not entail much, especially if actors are not convinced or interpret however they want.

Schliesser, Eric

1) We agree it is (also) a political question. I think there are good political reasons to allow democratic, regional nationalism within the EU. But to think that Spain could sustain a spiteful veto, if it really wanted to, an independent Catalonia overestimates its veto-power (given that it is a net debtor and has little leverage over its EU partners).

2) I am aware of the emptiness of many treaties. But for the EU Commission President to undermine the spirit of the Treaty of Rome is to undermine foolishly his own stature. These things also have consequences.

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