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Ronnie Hawkins

Excellent--thank you for (re)introducing this topic for discussion. I, too, have been following the investigation into the policies of the American Psychological Association with respect to torture with interest, and have long wondered why our own APA has been so silent on such matters. I would say that not only do some (in my opinion disingenuous and self-serving, if "subconsciously" so) arguments "generate and facilitate non-trivial harms to humans and animals," but the continual diversion of attention away from serious considerations of morality, truth, justice, and reality insofar as these concepts apply to actual human (and nonhuman) lives and toward fantasies of logic and wordplay serves a confabulatory role in our global human society. No, certain topics should not be made "taboo" in our discourse (as proposed in comments on your discussion of 2012), they should be discussed thoroughly and serious moral judgments rendered.

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