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Justin Vlasits

There is a recent paper on the Theaetetus passage that you would be interested in: "Thales Down the Well: Perspectives at work in the digression in Plato’s Theaetetus" by Friedemann Buddensiek in Rhizomata II.1. According to him, the story has almost the exact opposite significance that it was traditionally taken to have. (Also cool details about wells in Greece.)

Nicholas Denyer

It is fascinating to catch such myths in the process of formation. Another nice example:


Eric Schliesser

Thank you for the interesting piece about the Wilberforce/Huzley exchange.

Randy Franciose

This edifies the author's keen, if less than rapier, wit as Mr Ramsey, the character in Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse" refers to this myth. Considerations of a metaphysical mind, the aloof professor doth dwell... Thanks for posting!

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