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Marcy Lascano

Here is the beginning of a poem in OEP (213), where she leans less on sympathy and more on the unity of the parts of nature.

The reaſon why Thoughts are made in the Head.

Each Sinew is a ſmall and ſlender ſtring
Which all the Senſes to the body bring,
And they like pipes or gutters hollow be,
Where animal ſpirits run continually;
Though ſmall, yet they ſuch matter do contain
As in the skull doth lie, which we call brain.
Which makes, if any one do ſtrike the heel,
That ſenſe we quickly in the brain do feel:
It is not ſympathy, but all one thing,
Which cauſes us to think, and pain doth bring;

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