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This is interesting and helpful. Because the two main fields I work in (or between), law and philosophy, have such different citations practices, I can't help but notice them. (Philosophy should not do what law does, of course - engage in comical over-citation, where [student] editors will decide that any paper of X pages must have at least a certain number of citations per page, (determined a priori) and where it's often thought that every declarative sentence, no matter how banal, needs a citation.) I'm curious, though, how far you think that "merely" becoming more generous in our citation practices in philosophy will help this problem. It seems to me to be the sort of step that could be taken (and taught to students) fairly easily that might make a significant difference, even if it's only one part of changing things. But, I'd be interested to know what you think about this - how far you'd think it would help.

(I put "merely" in scare quotes here because, of course, people will have to want to do it, and will have to accept that this might make papers a bit longer. But, if it's something that students are trained to do, it wouldn't be a very hard thing, I'd think.)

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