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Re: "(Despite Austin's manly talk of 'men' it presumably makes space for women's experience, too.)"

I think a lot of work in feminist philosophy of language challenges* that claim, I think. (Just for the obvious overview:
http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/feminism-language/#1 )

* If not 'challenges,' then at least 'complicates' -- it depends on how strong 'makes space for' is. If 'makes space for' only requires that an ordinary language *could* be changed or reformed to capture/ codify women's experience as directly as the current version of (e.g.) English captures/ codifies men's experience, then I think everyone would agree that yes, ordinary language does make space for women's experience. However, if 'makes space for' applies to e.g. English as it currently exists, then I think the feminist philosophy linked to above would makes the original quote from you dubious.

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