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Chike Jeffers

Great post.

Aaron Garrett

I really enjoyed this. Perhaps Galgacus reminds Hume to much of Jacobite agitprop?

Eric Schliesser

Yes, I think Hume has his eyes also on contemporary issues and so your suggestion strikes me as very plausible, Aaron.

Aaron Garrett

Also it would be interesting to know whether the tradition of viewing the speech as made up by Tacitus to criticize imperialism already existed in the 18th century. I have a colleague who is expert on these thing who I will ask. If so there might be a further reason for Hume's silence.

Eric Schliesser

Let me know what you find/learn.

Michael Kochin

Freedom means counterempire, or incorrigible barbarism (Herodotus's Scythians). Of course, one can combine the two (Islamic State).
See my "Nations Unchained"

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