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Enzo Rossi

"I am less a friend of the long-gestation-meme. In part, because it once helped sustain a culture of genteel mediocrity in which some privileged would be showered with resources (time, encouraging colleagues), while others languish in obscurity and less-than-ideal working conditions."

Once? Maybe not in Europe any more, or not as much; but then most superstars, real and plastic ones, aren't made in (continental) Europe. I agree with pretty much everything else you say.

Lynne Tirrell

On the over-publication theme, a worthwhile read is Lindsey Waters' very short book, "Enemies of Promise". (Waters is the longstanding executive editor for the humanities at Harvard University Press, and publisher of some amazing philosophical works.) I think Velleman is right, and this short treatise by Waters offers a publishers perspective on what's wrong with over-publication.

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