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David Sobel

I guess my main speculation was that people are reluctant to put forward anything but their most considered ideas for fear of being judged based on what they say on a blog. I think this a not completely unreasonable fear but a regrettable one in that it keeps us from sharing our ideas before we have spent a lot of time on them.

Neil McArthur

Great post. I remember as an undergrad what a disappointment it was when I first started reading work by my professors. I had been so impressed talking to those professors with the interesting, provocative opinions they had on a seemingly endless range of topics. But the journal articles were narrow, dry and long, and so barren of the personalities by which I had been so charmed. I would put in a word for the virtues of blogging not just one's ideas at their rough stages of development, but on topics on which one would never dream of publishing, because one doesn't have the necessary expertise but might easily offer three hundred interesting words. Now I admit that takes even more courage, certainly more than I have myself.

Eric Schliesser

Neil, yes, blogging allows for a kind of non-professionalism/non-specialization with all the pitfalls that entails. But it's also a way to get potentially interesting stuff out there without writing for referees.

Michael Meijler

Nice post. One question though: the assholes that you mention, are they connected to the asses and half asses the way that I imagine them to be?

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