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Rachelle Bascara

I think analytic philosophers would benefit from taking seriously Kuhn's idea of scientific revolutions. I do not, like Berlin and many analytic philosophers, believe that there are "eternal concepts", but I do think that, given time and academic interest, concepts can come to acquire a stable definition. This is the project of my PhD thesis. So I think that some concepts, once stability is achieved, are true until 1) falsification in which we abandon the concept 2) a better definition comes along so we revise it or 3) we experience a paradigm shift which renders the environmental conditions of the "stable" definition obsolete.

Also, I think this tendency towards "universals" and "eternals" are remnants of idealism, which is arguably what analytic philosophy was kinda founded against. Analytic philosophy could be construed as a turn against idealism in philosophy. I think these tendencies that have their roots in idealism are going to eventually wither away.

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